Welcome Valued Customers!

The world has changed, dramatically and profoundly. Today, smart companies are exploring totally new ways to bring logistics and supply chain management to the forefront of business. More companies are outsourcing, looking for leadership from supply chain management experts so they can concentrate on their core business. In current changing dynamics situation, companies absolutely must improve their ability to respond rapidly and effectively. They want their supply chain enable to accommodate and support new growth, new products and new strategies.

MAX Logistics is truly Indonesian company, we have been a privately held, premier provider in the distribution and logistics services since our founding in 2001; we focus on one thing: providing top-quality service to our customers while meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing marketplace. This dedication and team spirit has earned MAX a reputation for service that is unequaled in the logistics industry.

We have a history of reliability and responsiveness, and it continues to be our primary focus. We've hired well-trained, great people and built a great culture in our organization. And our culture is strongly defined by our core values Customer Focus, Honesty, Integrity, Fairness. Every member of our team understands the demands placed on all channels of the supply chain and strives to help our customers meet those demands. Our challenge has always been never to accept anything less than the most responsive, efficient, and cost-competitive service for our customers. We are not that big but once you've experienced MAX service, you'll appreciate the difference.

That is our service commitment to our customers!

M. Akbar Djohan. MM