In short definition, Freight Forwarding Indonesia is a company which sends and delivers the goods in Indonesia. However, freight forwarding has another function, as a side effect of its working area.

As a provider of transportation management services, the activities that must be carried out by freight forwarders are taking care of all the things needed to send and receive goods. That’s why, freight forwarding Indonesia as a maritime country, will prepare land, sea and air transportation.

Not only that, all matters related to it, starting from packing, measuring and weighing, document management and completion, issuance of transportation documents, transportation costs, insurance claims, bills and taxes, as well as other matters that will be related to his main duties as transportation provider.

In other words, other functions of freight forwarding are providing shipping services, docks, warehousing, customs, and even door to door delivery.

Although the work of this company is to place itself between the sender and the recipient, Indonesian freight forwarding actually also deals with carriers, tax officers, ports, airports, warehousing, and so on.

The transport vehicle may not belong to the company. However, the best route or route for the goods so that they can arrive quickly in the same condition as when they were delivered is very important for freight forwarders.

This company will also consider the proper packing/packaging of goods so that they are safe during the trip. This company also has various regulations in the region or country of destination of goods related to the entry of goods, taxes and so on so that they do not get into trouble when they arrive at their destination.

Finally, document arrangement, monitoring of goods and the transportation process are also things that Indonesian freight forwarding companies pay attention to in detail. Of course, shipping material by ship, plane, and car requires different treatment. Because of that, a worker in an Indonesian freight forwarding company has a wide network, because these various parties will be involved when the delivery process begins.

Based on the explanation above, the parties who will be involved with a freight forwarding company include the owner of goods, transportation services, stevedore, cargo surveyors, finance, and local government-owned agencies such as customs, transportation, and trade and so on.

So you can see for yourself that freight forwarding companies actually have a much more important function than just shipping goods. Indeed, its main purpose is to send goods from the factory to the customer, or perhaps other shipments. But, for the success of the delivery, in fact freight forwarding will do a lot of other work. These things are the expertise of freight forwarding companies that can cut delivery times. Plus, all the functions of the freight forwarding will also be very difficult if the company does it yourself, right?