In Indonesia, especially after the war for independence decades ago, the word logistics is always attaching to the military term. Logistics are the equipment, supplies, and necessities of the soldiers. So, the troops in charge of delivering these things are called logistics troops.

Over time, Indonesia is also accustomed to referring to the supply of human needs as logistics. At least, the habit emerged in the 1960s. For this reason, in Indonesia, logistics companies began to emerge.

What does the Indonesian logistics company offer? In short, it can be mentioned that Indonesia Logistics Company can coordinate the delivery of goods and material inventory to many places, even globally. However, the description of the process is certainly longer and complex.

An item from the factory to the hands of the customer is not a short process. After packaging at the factory, the product or goods will be sent to the stockpile for storage. From the stockpile, then the goods are sent by sea, land, and air to various places.

After that, they are stored in warehouses near ports, airports, and others. Once in the warehouse, checks are carried out once again on the cargo before it is finally sent to another, more specific place. The journey is quite long, requires careful management, as well as a large enough fleet, as well as a larger storage area to do all of these things.

And, that’s what logistics company Indonesia offers to companies or businesses in need. So, all these processes can be handled by the logistics company. So, manufacturers of goods can stay focused on the production process and quality improvement, without having to worry about how to deliver goods.

However, of course what is offered by logistics companies is very different from expedition or delivery companies. The shipping company will focus on a single shipment, and be the liaison between the merchant and the buyer. Basically, they deliver goods in the form of “moving goods” and certainly not in very large quantities.

And logistics companies actually ship in large quantities. Average above 10 tons from one company to many recipients. Freight forwarding companies may ship in large quantities, but the form is an accumulation of hundreds of shipments or small to medium-sized goods transportation.

Of course, the logistics company in question is a third-party logistics company, aka not an internal company that produces goods. The services offered, of course, start from transportation or delivery, transportation, warehouse, and inventory management. Could also offer a more complete than that. However, it all depends on the client, what they need from the logistics company.

If the company already has its own transport fleet, it is likely that they will only use warehouse and inventory management services. This logistics company also cooperates not with one company, but more broadly than that.