Forwarder or freight forwarder is a person or legal entity who does freight forwarding work. So, the freight forwarder is the person, and freight forwarding is the job.

What does a freight forwarder do to make his job successful? What is important for a forwarder to have? Where to look for forwarder Jakarta services?

The status of a forwarder is as a consultant for the owner of the goods. Furthermore, after receiving authorization from the owner of the goods, the forwarder will be tasked with sending the goods to their final destination (recipient). The forwarder also serves as a coordinator and supervisor, from the goods received until the goods arrive at their destination.

Thus, the forwarder will work with the package/document delivery company, the company in charge of handling the documents, the packing company, the transportation company and several other companies. Now, what else would a forwarder do?

Forwarders are usually sought after to solve many shipping problems. Therefore, the forwarder must master all the ins and outs of shipping goods, so that any problems received can be resolved properly.

Usually, to solve all problems with shipping goods, Indonesian forwarders will carry out various stages/work steps. First, the forwarder will explain the services offered in detail, along with costs, systems, and travel advice.

Second, the forwarder will negotiate (negotiate) to find the right price for the process. Next, the forwarder will carry out a number of preparations, starting from packaging, packing, finding the services that are needed for the process.

Third, the forwarder will examine the goods to be sent. Things that will be recorded include the contents, weight, volume, documents of the goods, owner, destination, type of goods, and how to transport them, do they have certain conditions? And others related to the item.

Fourth, see where the goods are going. From there, the forwarder will begin to consider what needs to be prepared, the route to be taken, documents, tax costs, and so on. In addition, who will receive the goods must also be the main consideration.

Fifth, the forwarder will start the process of completing and processing documents, also taking care of goods inspection, customs officers, and so on. The forwarder will also contact the freight required for carriage at a price that has been agreed upon by the owner of the goods.

Sixth, all preparations have been completed and the total price of the trip has been obtained, then the forwarder will contact the owner of the goods again that the delivery process will be ready to be carried out. Of course, if the process of delivering goods can run well, then payment for services can be obtained by a forwarder from a freight forwarding company.

Not only that, the forwarder also has to learn many things related to this shipment. For example, how to use space efficiently in cargo, containers, or warehouses. Also have to learn how to coordinate related to bureaucracy and documents. Forwarders will also learn the process of packing goods properly, efficiently, and safely for goods.